RadioProbes can be used in situations where wiring would be difficult to install or liable to damage.

They will communicate through most metal walls and cabinets so that  temperatures can be monitored without damaging the insulation of cold stores and freezers (as does installing normal wired probes).

Each RadioProbe has a unique transmission code so that any number can be used at the same time.

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A radio receiver connects to the serial port of the PC, which stores all the information on its hard disc for viewing or printing as either text or graph. The PC automatically records the temperature for each RadioProbe at 5 minute intervals or within 1 minute if the temperature changes. Warnings can be given if the temperature exceeds preset limits or if communication is lost with a RadioProbe.



Temperature resolution           0 .1°C

Accuracy                                   Better than +/ - 0.5°C

Temperature range                  -40°C  - +40°C

No. of RadioProbes                  1  -  99

Battery life                               5 years  

Range                                       As required – range extended using Rebroadcast Units

Storage                                     1000 years data with  10 RadioProbes

Back – Up                                Automatic  system

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